814 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

Welcome to Triumph Vaping Company. We are a veteran & family-owned, brick & mortar vape shop in Norfolk, VA. We’ve been saving people’s lives since our doors opened in January 2015, while continuing our personal journey to positively impact and enhance the people in our community. We pride ourselves on researching e-liquid ingredients, ensuring the e-liquid products we sell consist only of safe, pharmaceutical/food grade ingredients, flavors, & nicotine. We provide a ‘QUALITY VS. QUANTITY’ inventory, and provide the healthiest alternative to tobacco products.



We take pride in researching the latest information you NEED to know. We offer customers an infinite amount of knowledge in regards to the vaping industry. From legislation, e-liquid formulation, to the latest international medical research. We offer personalized customer service to every patron, and encourage a question and answer dialogue.


Our mission is to provide one-on-one customer care, a family-friendly environment, and an atmosphere condusive to helping tobacco users stay tobacco free! WE WANT YOU to quit smoking, and we’ll continue to provide the best customer service to ensure you feel welcome and supported in your efforts. We have a steady cycle of high-quality e-liquid products circulating through our shop. There are many e-liquid companies that are very small, and we encourage their efforts to stay ahead of the FDA by creating & maintaining high standards of quality.